Useful Websites & Resources

Included below are links to a variety of useful resources that you may find helpful.

Video Resources

I would like to make changes in my alcohol use. What are my options?

Things to consider with a Community Alcohol Detox

Supporting someone through a Community Alcohol Detox

The Importance of Aftercare in Community Detox

Community Alcohol Detox: A GP's Role in supporting alcohol misuse

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Useful Websites

SAOR Training

Childrens First Training

Hidden Harm



Contact the coordinator at



HSE Ask About Alcohol

Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol Action Ireland


Children and Young Peoples Services Committee Directory

Pieta House


Mens Shed


Polish Alcoholics Anonymous

Childline Online (Ireland)


Suicide or Survive

Family Resource Centre

Please remember all services offer a variety of supports and have different criteria.

Please contact the service directly for more information and to make a referral.

Leaflets and Posters

Use these posters and leaflets in workplaces and communities to raise awareness about alcohol and alcohol support.

These assets are available for print and download.